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Rabies is a deadly disease caused by Rhabdo Virus that unfortunately does not have a cure. It is a neurological disease which may take several days to a few months to show its symptoms but once the virus spreads to the brain, death occurs quickly. This virus affects both humans and animals. The carriers of the virus are foxes, wolves, bats, skunks, dogs and cats and they spread it through their saliva by biting or licking.

Having a pet without giving them the rabies vaccination is harmful for him/her and for others that it is in contact with. There are still stray animals that are not vaccinated and have high chances of getting rabies so please ensure that your pets are not brought in close contact with them. Read more

Dubai’s only turtle rehabilitation project is a collaboration between Jumeirah and The Wildlife Protection Office, with essential veterinary support provided by Dubai Falcon Clinic & Central Veterinary Research Laboratory and this weekend in celebration of World Sea Turtle Day they will be releasing rehabilitated Sea Turtles from the project.

There will be a number of satellite tagged turtles including a 95 kg loggerhead, as well as over a hundred rehabilitated hawksbill turtles. Read more

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