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I’m in Dubai for 4 months and I would like to take Arabic classes. Can you give me some addresses. Read more

Q We are moving to Dubai at the end of August from the UK and have 2 children (aged 7 & 9) starting at one of the British schools but I am a bit worried that the 9 year old will be really far behind in Arabic as he obviously has not studied this subject before. Do you know of any places that can give extra Arabic tuition?

A I wouldn’t worry too much about this as the schools are very used to new arrivals who have never studied Arabic before and in fact the Arabic in these schools moves at a very slow pace. But if you would like to get him a few extra lessons you could contact Read more

Q Hi Louise I have heard that there are free Arabic lessons over the summer do you know where they are held. If not can you recommend any suitable classes for a beginner. Thanks

A No, I am sorry I do not however I know Eton Institute  (800 3866) often have special offers so you could contact them plus The Arabic Language Centre (04 331 5600) is also very good for beginner lessons.

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