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raviWhat is ‘Highlife Dubai’?
Sponsored by Pan-Arabia Enquirer, ‘Highlife Dubai’ is a collection of 18 artworks inspired by vintage travel and tourism ads of the first half of the 20th Century.  In the same style, they tell the story of the ‘good life’ we lead here in Dubai. For westerners, middle class and those that enjoy the privileges that an ex-pat life in Dubai can bring, the collection aims to be tongue-in-cheek advertising of the places, services and situations that we all know and love around the city.

The Artist
Clare Napper is an artist and graphic designer who has lived in Dubai for 8 years.  Last year she quit her job in advertising to set up her own design studio and pursue independent art projects.  “Dubai offers a lifestyle that must be one of the best in the world, and as a designer I was keen to find a creative outlet for my time lording it up here! I wanted to create some ‘real’ souvenirs with a deeper insight into life out here that ex-pats can take away as fond memories; after all, many of us won’t be here forever.” Read more

The Middle East’s first ever art exhibition aimed 100% at children!

The Cartoon Art Gallery has announced that it will host the Middle East’s very first art exhibition aimed at children next month. ANIMALZ – The Complete Collection by James Gaubert will launch on Sunday 17 February, and will feature over 40 oil paintings that are designed to give a child’s perspective on all the favourites from the animal kingdom, in an almost over-exaggerated, urban, cartoon state. This really is the coolest and most fun art exhibition ever to hit the Middle East!

Having exhibited at a number of galleries across the UK, British artist James Gaubert is keen to make a difference to the young art scene in Dubai following a move to the emirate last year. Read more

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