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christmas-gift-guide-mycustardpie-com-1Have you been to a party on Christmas eve, come home with a head dancing with Champagne and then had to stay up to do last-minute wrapping while everyone else is asleep? I broke my own rules last year and found myself wrapping stocking presents after I’d vowed to never be in that position again. Get organised and you can trip off to all the parties in December without a care in the world. Plus you’ll feel assured that friends and family near and far have all felt just a little bit special.

1. Christmas cards

I love receiving post from friends and family abroad. The best way to receive is to give and my Christmas card list has a core of friends I’d like to keep in touch with. The round Robin letter is abhorred by some but I rather like reading them – unless of the ‘thinly veiled boast ‘our children are so high achieving’ type. There are online options if you want to save a few trees. Get round the expensive postage by picking up a large amount of stamp books next time you are home. The ones in the UK say ‘1st class’ or ‘2nd class’ so leftovers will last indefinitely. Get your cards written early (I’m doing mine this weekend) and have them ready addressed and stamped then look out for friends traveling home. A quick call out on Facebook works wonders. If they have a stamp on them most people don’t mind shoving them in a letterbox at the airport. Read more

A common question on Expat Echo’s Ask Louise section is ‘how to I go about turning a hobby into a business?‘.  If you are looking for somewhere to channel all that creative talent then Little Majlis the specialist online market place to sell handmade goods created by artists, craftspeople, cooks and designers based in the GCC maybe the answer as it was for Michelle.

Michelle is quite the entrepreneur and started Misala Handmade here in Dubai after she and her husband made the move to the UAE three years ago. Read more

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