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June 2015Factors to consider when choosing your real estate developer in Dubai by Indigo Properties

Dubai is a land of dreams and opportunities. It gives everyone an opportunity of turning their
dreams into reality. Many dream of owning a home in Dubai but owning a home here is not that
easy a decision with the number of developers launching more and more projects day by day.
How does one make the right choice? Mr. Dev Maitra, CEO of one of  Dubai’s leading property developers Indigo Properties, reveals tips on how to choose the right developer when selecting your dream home:

Visit their website:
Log on to the developer’s website to get an insight of the company. The website should be
able to provide you the answers to questions such as who are the owners, what is their
history, who are their partners and associates, how long has the company been into
existence, what are their completed and ongoing projects  Read more

ask louiseQuestionMy family and I are moving over to Dubai in June and we are starting to have a look at property options.  Rental prices look pretty expensive so my question is do you think it would be better to buy?  We would be looking to rent or buy a family home with at least 3 bedrooms and a small garden for the children. Read more

doing-up-a-house-final-pmSo we’ve all watched Property Ladder, House Doctor, Sarah Beany and a plethora of home improvement programmes in the UK, but what’s involved in doing up a house in Dubai? Permission, permission, permission for a start! Having helped a friend go through the process recently we have learnt that many changes you may like to make to a villa need to pass planning permission. For Emaar properties this means you having to draw out plans of the potential changes, submitting the technical drawings (you can ask Emaar for a CD of your villa plans) and writing out a simple scope of works document. You’ll also have to submit your title deed to prove ownership, passport and visa details, as well as a license copy of the contractor you are using to carry out your work. Don’t forget the Dhs 5000 (refundable) Read more

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