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ask louiseQuestionWhen a property changes owner with a sitting tenant inside. What should the new owner be doing according to UAE law? Read more

ask louiseQuestionHi, our landlord sold the flat we are renting but we have not had an official notification.  Should the new landlord be sending us some kind of official notification? What about his registering the DEWA in his name (I see from the DEWA on-line portal that there is a specific “change of landlord” option?) Is there anything else that he needs to do?

Also. our current contract expires in July next year. Our old landlord sent us an official court document asking us to vacate at the end of this contract but it was delivered one full month after our renewal, which means that effectively we are getting only 11 months notice?  Can we contest this through  RERA with the new landlord? Read more

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