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WaterForWorkers1We are all worth the same amount in our humanity. The sameness project facilitates moments of sameness through online & offline social initiatives.

On 14th June people are invited to come in groups or alone, in their own vehicles or may jump in to the vehicles of other volunteers with free space to distribute cold water to workers outside in the hot Dubai summer heat.   Water and sweat handkerchiefs are provided by PepsiCO. Volunteers then drive around Dubai 10am-12pm (2 hours max), giving out water and interacting with the workers of Dubai who make it a beautiful city to live in. All ages get involved, new friends are made, and lots of hot sweaty fun is had.

This project is simply about giving cold water and a thank you to workers outside in the hot hot Dubai summer heat. The main aim of Water for Workers is the engagement an interaction between those handing out the water and those receiving it. Cold water is nice, but it’s the thank you’s, handshakes, and small conversations with the workers, that help erase the lines that separate and create a moment where people see one another as the same.

To learn more click here Read more

coega-drop-your-shorts-for-good“Drop Your Shorts” clothing push gives Labourers the Chance to Visit the Beach

The ‘Drop Your Shorts For Good’ mission was launched three years ago in response to a law passed requiring all beachgoers in Dubai to wear appropriate swimming attire.

“Our founder, Maureen Hall, felt it wasn’t fair that labourers couldn’t enjoy the beach if they didn’t have bathing suits,” said Jeanne LaRocco at COEGA Sunwear, which is organising the initiative. “She started the campaign to collect swimwear for them so they could go to the beach on their days off.”

The charitable initiative collected about 200 pairs of shorts last year. Organisers hope to exceed that number and collect at least 250 pairs for this year’s campaign, adding to the total of 500 pairs that have been gathered since the initiative began. Read more

ask louiseQuestionMy mom is a recent widow who wants to join my family in Dubai. I am concerned as she is an active senior and I feel that she may be too lonely in Dubai. are there any clubs/organizations she can join? I would like for her to have a social life. Read more

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