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One UAE Expat turns her lucky win around to help others.
It all began with a lucky AED5 note! On her way to work one June morning in 2011, Dubai expat Marie found a five-dirham note on the road. She kept it as her lucky note, using it several months later as a contribution to a Dubai Duty Free raffle ticket. She completely forgot about it until she was contacted a month later to learn she had won a Ducatti Super Bike worth over 65,000 dirhams! Read more


AdoptaCamp is an initiative to meaningfully improve the lives of the men who built the beautiful cities we live in. And through them, to reach out to and aid the diverse communities they come from.
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I have a few second hand books (all in good condition) and educational CDs for Mac and PC to give away. Those big bins at various petrol stations only welcome clothes. Would you know anyone who would like to get these? Preferably a school or a hospital? Thanks for letting me know. Read more

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