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Still looking for some unique presents for this festive season.  Here are some ideas from one of our regular bloggers – Do in Dubai

One of the best presents you could give an expat is an Evoke Pure Flow Internet radio, I got mine for my birthday last March and regret not getting one earlier. You only need wifi to simply plug it in to any wall socket and listen to any radio station in the world, I’m transported when I listen to Woman’s Hour on Radio 4, even the Today Programme and sometimes Play for Today. I can almost hear the cold. The kids listen to Capital Radio but also have stations that play only Kylie Minogue music (when I’m out!) , another called Disco Ball and some Latino music stations from Brazil. There are French stations and other stations from all Read more

December is sure to be one exciting month for kids in Dubai with festive lights and decorations popping up in most of the shops – it’s about to get very merry in the desert! Read more

Hi……there is a xmas wholesale store in Al Quoz somewhere near the Marina discount store, can you point me in the right direction please.
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