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The other day I had to call the maintenance to investigate a water leak.  When they arrived we all walked into that part of the garden one never really explores – the area with old rusty bits of gardening tools, plant containers dried out pieces of piping left over from the irrigation and …the water tank.  As we unscrewed the top of the water tank I was horrified to see how much dirt and sand was lying at the bottom and then it hit me – this is the water my family is cooking and cleaning with.  We may drink bottled water Read more

I have a Gulf for Good question for you!

Lots of our adventure challenges for children’s charities involve hiking, biking, kayaking, etc in cold climates, so our participants buy down-filled sleeping bags to keep them cosy at night. For example, bags in the Marmot brand.

How and where can we get these professionally cleaned after our challenge, so that they’re ready for the next adventure?

I do hope that you might be able to help us with this. Read more

A really well done site!

Would you have recommendations on Maid Agencies? I have been  in Dubai for 12 years and found my maids so far through recommendation however would like to try for the first time an Agency. Read more

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