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If you have recently moved to Dubai this maybe your first Ramadan in the Emirate and you may have lots of questions about this special time of year. A great place to get many of your questions answered is the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) in the Bastakiya area of Dubai.

From 1st July until 26th July (approx) SMCCU will be hosting Iftar. Held in the courtyard of their beautiful wind-tower house in the heart of the historical Bastakiya, Old Bur Dubai, your evening will commence after the Read more

If this is your first summer since you relocated to Dubai you will soon discover Dubai is a different town in July and August. Unlike a decade ago when Dubai seemed to literally stop, it now keeps going but at a slower pace. Schools are out for summer so many families have escaped the heat and with less people in town it’s actually quite pleasant driving on the roads or strolling round the shopping malls. However, there is no getting away from the fact that you need to stay out of the sun till late afternoon, so why not take advantage of the lack of tourists and explore the museums that Dubai has to offer. Read more

Any news about Muslim New Year 2011 and dry night this weekend?

This Friday (25th November) will be a dry night – no alcohol will be served as Saturday will be Al Hijra (Islamic New Year).

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