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ask louiseQuestionHi Louise! I ‘m looking for a good endocrinologist, do you have any recommendation? Thank you so much! Read more

292px-World_Diabetes_Day_logo.svgDiabetes is increasing and a lot of residents are unaware that they might have the disease.

Diabetes takes the lives of almost 4 million people every year. In a study done in the US more or less 7 million people are undiagnosed.

The UAE is ranked second highest worldwide for diabetes prevalence. About 19.5% the of population is currently living with diabetes according to statistics released by the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre at the Arab Health Congress in 2010.

It was also discovered that 40 per cent of residents over 60 have diabetes and the number is expected to increase over the coming years. Diabetes mellitus constitutes 75 per cent of deaths among UAE nationals and 31 per cent among non-nationals. Read more

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