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livfreshrThose moving to the emirate will find themselves floating in a fantastically vibrant social atmosphere. Dubai dishes up a heady dose of everything in its supersized form, from water parks to world-class restaurants. For the expat whose idea of fun is cruising the aisles, the city center can be exhilarating; with selections of malls, souks and specialist stores everywhere you go.

Surrounded by the sultry heat of desert, expats will find that the lifestyle in Dubai largely revolves around activities that leave us all strapped for time as we try to balance work with our ever growing social endeavors. As a result it can be difficult to take a hard look at what we are putting into our body to fuel our ambitions and excited lifestyles. A common trap that many moving to the emirate will fall into, one that I was most unfortunate to fall into myself, was the ease of which I could have anything delivered to my doorstep. With the stresses of relocating, making headway in your new position, uprooting your families and beginning over again, it is easy to take advantage of the huge array of different fast food (even McDonalds delivers to most areas now!). One of the biggest culprits when it comes to piling on those killer kilos is the extravagant brunches that play a big role in expats social lives. Read more

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