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Hi, I have just moved here and about to rent an apartment.  Can you please just tell me what documents I need to check before renting as I have read so many horror stories in the media. Read more

Where does the time go? In a couple of weeks time most schools in Dubai will be closing for the summer. If you are planning to relocate to Dubai after summer, make sure you contact the local schools in Dubai to finalise all the information you require for your child to start the new academic term i.e. the documents required that you may have to bring from your home country. It is also an idea to ask about the uniform, as you maybe able to buy some items prior to coming here and at a cheaper price e.g. shoes. Read more

An easy way to receive and send documents and parcels

Have you seen red boxes appearing in different locations around town such as the community centre at Arabian Ranches and like me wondered what they were for? Are they VIP PO Boxes or are they a novelty Festive PO Box?  The answer is neither but they will be very useful for receiving  presents this festive season.  Read more

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