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I just hired a nanny and the employment contract from immigration states that in the event of death, we would be responsible for repatriating her remains and personal belongings. Is there an insurance plan that covers that? I checked with RSA, they offer domestic staff insurance with home content but they don’t cover such a sad scenario, god forbid. Are you aware of other companies or insurance products? What have others done in these situations? Read more

One of the big advantages of relocating to Dubai for many expats is the possibility of having help with the housework.  As soon as the last box is unpacked the door bell starts to ring with maids offering their cleaning services however residents today are reminded by a top DNRD (Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai) official that Domestic help must be sponsored by their recruiters and employers hiring workers who are not on their sponsorships will face Dh50,000 fine. Read more

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