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Posts Tagged ‘Driving License in Dubai’

ask louiseQuestionWe lived for 2 years in Ras Al Khaimah  and now return after 2 years in Europe. We have another sponsor so I wonder if our driving licences are still valid?  Is that related to sponsor/company you work for or not ? Read more

ask louiseQuestionI am originally from Taiwan and used to work in Paris. Currently I am resident in Dubai. Can I transfer driver’s license issued by France to local one or do I have to join driving lessons and pass all tests to get it ? Read more

Hi Louise, I just moved to Dubai recently and have been driving on a tourist licence in a hire car. My husband is going to apply for a residence visa for me this week. Can I still drive on a tourist licence until my visa has come through, or do I have to stop driving until I have my visa and UAE licence? Read more

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