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Recently I visited the Etisalat desk at Dubai Mall regarding an offer they had and I was told I had to go to the main Etisalat office. I asked them “do you mean the one at Defence Roundabout” they all looked at me blankly. As it turned out they had never heard of Defence Roundabout and why should they as it doesn’t actually exist anymore. This got me thinking of all the places that don’t actually exist anymore or are not known by that name or maybe places expats hardly ever have the need to go to now as Dubai has grown. Read more

A common site while driving along any of Dubai’s roads is the large number of blown out tyres strewn across the road. This is very hazardous, not only for the driver of the vehicle who’s tyre just blew out but also for the rest of the on-coming traffic who has to swerve to avoid the shrapnel. One of the main causes for these blow-outs is that the tyres don’t meet the standards required for the weather in the region. Action in Dubai will soon be taken to try and avoid these situations with the resale and reuse of old tyres being banned, as the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology’s (ESMA) new tyre quality management scheme comes into effect across the UAE. Read more

Clunk, Click in the Back and Front

Some of the worst car crashes in Dubai have seen adults and children killed on Dubai roads because they have not been wearing seat belts in the rear of the vehicle.  Finally, Dubai Police are  preparing a draft bill that once approved will make it an offense not to buckle up in the back.  Read more

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