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I want to resign and leave the company where I am working for the last 3 Months.  However, I am still in my probation period. I hold a DMCC FREEZONE VISA. I would like to know if I am liable to pay any expenses and am I free to resign any time? Read more

I’ve been in Dubai April 2008. In October 2008, I got a special visa from Global Village. After I finished the special visa last April 2009, I did not renew or get a new visa therefore I haven’t had a visa for almost 3 years. My wife is here and she’s working and has a residence visa. I plan to surrender (I don’t know if it is the right term) to immigration this coming September as my wife is going for her annual vacation. My question is, if I surrender to immigration, do I still have an immigration ban here in Dubai? I want to come back and join my wife here as she will be working here for another 5-years. How many months or years will the immigration ban be, or could it be permanent? Thanks for your help! Read more

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