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ask louiseQuestionHi Louise, I need your help please. I need to meet people, right people, in Dubai so I thought it could be good to join a sporty club since I am a sporty person. There are so many clubs in the city and I live in Dubai Marina, could you please suggest me the best club to join and to meet friendly, healthy and qualified people? I am a 38 years old Italian lady, single so no family/children needs. Read more

front-duplays_ph_alb_100520113339Meet People Through Sport

DUPLAYS is Dubai’s largest adult sport & social club. Each weeknight they organize men, women, and mixed sport leagues for hundreds of adults across the Emirate.

Their leagues are a great way to meet like minded expats as well as locals who enjoy recreational and competitive sport. Some of their most popular sports include beach volleyball, football, women’s netball, men’s basketball, softball, touch rugby, and ultimate frisbee. To join a team simply visit DUPLAYS website and sign up as an individual, team, or partial team and they will take care of the rest! Read more

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