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Back to School - Kids ReadingWhile Dubai’s children are still making the most of the long summer holiday, parents are now starting to think ahead to the new school term, compiling to-do lists and thinking about what the year ahead will bring. Here are some tips for going back to school

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Teenage girl studyingThe school holidays maybe just around the corner and for younger children this will mean lots of fun as they enjoy all the chocolates and beach days but for households with teenagers this will mean revision time as many will be returning to important exams in May and June.

Make sure your child has a revision plan for the holiday and ask them if there is anything they need help with.  It may simply be testing them or you could discover there is a topic that they don’t understand fully.  Hopefully as the parent you will be able to explain it in a clear & precise manner however, it could turn out to be more complicated.  Many parents are discovering that the way subjects such as Maths is taught these days is not how they were taught in the old days! Or it could simply be that your child does not work well with you.  What ever the reason help is at hand in Dubai with companies offering tutors.

Tutors can help by giving  one-to-one instruction, fill in missing gaps that the child may have missed in the curriculum, help the child understand for example math concepts and even help with revision for exams and entrance tests.

Here is a list of companies in Dubai that offer tutors: Read more

ask louiseQuestionI am moving to Dubai at the end of April but I am over here now looking for a school for our little girl who is 9 years old my wife and Daughter are Filipino  and we are looking to live in the Jumeirah Village Circle area do you know of any schools in this area where she would fit in also where the school fees are a good price. Read more

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