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Hi… daughter is 3 . We live in Karama area of Dubai…she’ll be starting school next year. Are there any good IB schools not far away as I don’t want her to travel for an hour to get to her school. Thank you. Read more

Soaring school fees in Dubai is a contentious issue. With each year, almost all schools in the city, go for a fee hike as residents complain of stagnant career growth without any increments or bonuses.

Surveys reveal that not even 15 per cent of companies in the city cover education costs fully, leaving the employees to manage it on their own.

“After housing, education is the second biggest expenditure for most in Dubai and is something you can’t compromise on. They are a big drain on the family budget, especially when the pay packages are not what they used to be,” complained a mother of two school going kids. Read more

I am 39 years old and interested to get admission in chef training school and adopts it for my professional life in future. Please guide me in this regard. Read more

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