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emirates-identity-cardIt is mandatory for all citizens and expatriate residents of the UAE to have an Emirates ID card. Emirates ID card is an electronic identification card issued by the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA). It contains an electronic chip that stores vital information about the card-holder such as name, date of birth, nationality, marital status, photo, fingerprint data, electronic signature etc.  An ID card is mandatory for all ages however, biometrics will only be taken from children over 15 years of age.

Soon, the EIDA would make the Emirates ID card mandatory to access government services. Already, several government departments have made the requirement of Emirates ID card mandatory for availing their services. Read more

Passport not enough: No bank loans for UAE residents without Emirates ID card

The Emirates Identity Card could soon be one of the must-have documents when applying for a loan or to get other bank services and facilities as well.

According to a report in Emarat Al Youm, citing, a UAE Central Bank circular, all banks and finance companies and houses operating in the country are to request the Emiartes ID of a customer applying for banking facilities. Read more

Apply and Renew ID Cards On-Line

If you have a credit card residents can now apply for their ID cards on-line.  The on-line application was launched on Thursday for Emiratis and this service will be available to Expatriates within two months. Read more

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