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ask louiseQuestionI am on husband visa and wants to work. However, I do not know the legalities of the matter. I do know that my employer should obtain a labor card for me. Should I wait for the release of this labor card before commencing work or is the application for this work permit already enough and so can start work from there and wait for the card while working? Thanks! Read more

panic_button_expat_partnerThis time of year school kids can be heard talking about who’s staying and who’s going, the annual summer turnover of international kids. These are the lucky ones, the ones whose parents organisations have relatively efficient succession planning.

Then there are the other expat partners, you can spot them easily, the ones with the worried pinched faces, the ones who dread the question; “and so have you heard yet?” Why? Because the million dollar question is still unanswered, “where in the world will it be?

These are the unfortunates of expat land, the ones who find themselves now residing in “limbo land”.

And believe me this is not where you want to be. Read more

join-our-teamSurveyor – Dubai, UAE


To carefully and accurately survey the volume of household goods shipments, educate potential clients, sell moving services and provide excellent customer service to assure the client chooses Move One as their preferred moving company. Read more

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