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ask louiseQuestionI am moving to Dubai in the summer with two teenage children (16 & 13 years) and am looking for a school that offers A’Level as it seems that many of the schools in Dubai offer GCSE’s but switch to the IB system when the children are in their last two years. My husband thinks we will live in an area called Victory Heights but that is not confirmed. Please can you advise. Read more

ask louiseQuestionMy name is Mahesh and i am likely to be considered for the post in Dubai. I may join them in December 2014.   As I understand schools starts in September, can we have admissions for schools in December?  My children are studying British curriculum ( form 7) and another is in class 2 in Ghana international school, Ghana .  We need British curriculum in Dubai. Can you please guide us on this? Read more

ask louiseQuestionMy husband has already moved and I am looking to move the end of July. We have a 14 year old son who needs a place in year 10 for this coming September. I have searched and searched and just keep being told there is a waiting list with little chance of a place becoming available. I have however been told that there is a place for him at Deira.  Firstly I can not find reviews. Secondly how far away is the school from Arabian Ranches and thirdly my son wants to remain in England to finish his GCSE as he thinks he will not like the school etc etc..  I am hoping you might have some information on the school. Read more

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