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Investing-luxury-real-estate-dubai-villaOver a quarter of all workers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai look set to receive housing allowance increases in the coming year, according to a survey conducted by global human resources consultants, Mercer.

The company has just published the findings of its ‘Spot Survey on Housing Allowance Increase in UAE,’ with 147 organisations in the two emirates polled for their employee benefit intentions over the next 12 months.

According to the responses received, 24 per cent of companies in Abu Dhabi intend to raise the housing allowance for their employees this year, with 41 per cent of companies in Dubai reporting the same aim. Read more

school-fees-in-dubaiAlmost Two Thirds of Expat Parents in UAE Pay Total Cost of Their Children’s Education

‘Full Expat Package’ Is Granted ‘Only To the Privileged Few’

One in Five Families Spend More than 30% of Their Household Income on School Fees

The strain that education imposes on expat family finances was revealed today with the publication today of a survey by, the UAE’s first dedicated school guide. 62 percent of respondents said that they cover the entire cost of their children’s school fees in the UAE. A further 24 percent receive a contribution from their company while just 13 percent have their school fees paid in full.

The survey was conducted on-line over a period of five weeks through March and April with 596 responses from parents around the UAE. 45 per cent of respondents live in Abu Dhabi, 43 percent in Dubai, 8 percent in Sharjah and the remainder spread through the other four emirates. Read more

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