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pensionsAre you an expat in a UK public sector defined benefit pension scheme? If so you have less than 10 months if you wish to transfer it.


The government is removing the right to transfer from public sector Defined Benefit schemes to Defined contribution arrangements.

Experts say the move is designed to prevent large numbers of public sector workers ditching their DB scheme in favour of a defined contribution arrangement after Osborne announced a radical overhaul of the UK pensions framework earlier this year. The reforms, which will take effect from April 2015, will allow anyone who is aged 55 or over to take their entire pension fund as cash. Read more

debtDebt accumulating amongst expats in the UAE seems to be, yet again on the increase.

Moving to a new location can be an expensive process and it can be all too easy to start spending beyond your means. All too often expats live like they are on a constant holiday. Be warned – if you aren’t wary the bubble will burst, leaving you borrowing into a vicious debt trap.

The debt owed by expats in the UAE is for a whole manner of things from car loans, to boat purchases, to credit card debt and the banks seem quite happy to grant relatively large loans and credit cards to customers with limited income. This coupled with a high level of consumerism and often poor financial literacy can be a recipe for disaster. Read more

costsDubai can be an expensive city to live in. Yes we may be accustomed to a tax- free lifestyle but living day to day can be a costly affair and can drain your wallet at an alarming rate. Here are some key tips on how to live frugally in Dubai

The metro runs regularly, is air-conditioned and can often be much quicker than sitting in some of Dubai’s notorious traffic jams. If you need a car it probably makes more sense to buy a car rather than lease one. Buying a car, especially a used one, is not very Read more

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