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pensions-dubaiOne of the wonderful things about living in Dubai is that it’s a cultural melting pot. The UAE provides exposure to new people, traditions and experiences on a daily basis. Although many of our backgrounds are different, it is fair to say that financial advancement was the motivator for many of us as we set out for the Middle East.

One of the dangers is that we start to neglect the investments we’ve left at home, especially our retirement nest eggs. Many expats make the natural assumption that their pension plans are safely locked away until they decide to put their feet up. However, there are some very good reasons to keep a close eye on your pension – especially if you are from the UK. Read more

Making the most of your time offshore and planning for the future is vital. But if you’ve been living a tax-free life in the UAE, with generous allowances for school fees, housing and private health care, you might be in for a shock when you realise these are out of reach when you return home. Read more

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