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steph2This week’s Into-yous features French expat Stephanie Duriez

Tell us a little about yourself:
Mother of 3 children, I am the founder and managing director of Secrets Fine Food. Even though I go back to France very often and I love my country, I enjoy my life as an expat. Being in contact with people with totally different backgrounds and histories fascinates me. Since childhood, I wanted to live abroad and I have been blessed to be able to realize this dream. Dubai is an extraordinary city where everything is possible. There are very few cities in the world offering so many opportunities and I am proud to be part of this development with my company Secrets Fine Food. Read more

florenceThis week’s Into-yous features French expat Florence Chabert d’Hieres

Tell us a little about yourself:
I think that I am a lucky ”citizen of the world”.. Why ? I was adopted by French – Italian parents from Sri Lanka,30 years ago !  I lived and study in France and in the US.

Have two baby girls and a wonderful husband !

I have created two companies Coach4expat to help new comers settle in the UAE. Becoming a mum I created Dubaikidcare to answer all our babysitting needs ! Read more

fete-de-musiqueFête de la Musique, Launched in 1982 by the French Ministry of culture, is held in more than hundred countries in Europe and over the world. It takes place every 21st of June, the day of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere.

La Fête de la Musique allows all people with a passion for music to gather and take part in the performance, whether they are amateur or professional musicians. It is then completely different from a music festival. The Fête de la Musique is above all a free popular fête. This Music day allows the expression of all styles of music in a cheerful atmosphere. It aims at a large audience, working to popularize musical practice for all public from all communities. Read more

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