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hananeThis week’s Into-yous features French Moroccan expat Hanane

Tell us a little about yourself:
I come from Morocco and I lived in France for 15 years where I studied Finance in a management business school. I have spent 6 years working in a consulting company.

However, my passion for the culinary art and my desire to make it discover crept up on me. So, I renounced to my career as a Financial manager in order to live fully my passion.

I had the opportunity to open my own restaurant in Paris, where I have been able to share my passion for the Moroccan authentic cuisine and to reveal its secrets through the organisation of private courses and publication of recipes in local magazines.

Actually, I am living in Dubai, married and mum of a little boy and I am continuing my activity but with an other version: I am organizing Moroccan cooking classes and catering services. Read more

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