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At this time of year, with soaring temperatures the skin can really suffer as the weather starts to take its toll. The goal for us all is beautiful, clear skin; everyone wants to head home or go on vacation with the Dubai glow; not looking tired and dehydrated.

Reflection has recently introduced for the first time to the Middle East a natural, marine brand which can provide the answers – Phytoceane beauty treatment and product range. The quenching sea spray facial provides the ultimate in Hydration. Offering a full skin diagnosis, the skin is cleansed, exfoliated and totally moisturised, which leaves it looking fresh, healthy and ready for the journey. Products can be purchased to use at home, to keep in the body in tip-top condition. Read more

Hi Louise , how much can I roughly earn as a senior hair stylist- colour technician in one of the big salons in Dubai? Would it include any kind of ‘package’ Also are their any wholesalers around that I can buy l’oreal products from? Read more

Any ideas on where to take my children to get their hair cut? We are American and not too fussy, I just don’t want to spend adult prices for  my younger girls hair cuts. Thanks! Read more

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