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dr-photo6This week’s Into-yous features Australian expat Johanna Richmond

Tell us a little about yourself:
I am a licensed psychologist practicing at the Cognitive Behavior Clinic, Dubai with one counselor. We can help with all emotional problems, either long standing or recent problems that have come up that have led to confusion, sleeplessness or distress. I am also a psychodynamic therapist, psychodynamic therapy is for long standing problems. Unfortunately psychological problems don’t get better with time, in fact often they can get worse, we do not ’grow out’ of these. Read more

dubai-london-clinic-logoThis month our friends at Dubai London Clinic want to give one lucky lady and her 5 favourite ladies a chance to be pink together.

Win a Pink limo ride and an evening on them! This is a night to celebrate being a woman!

Men you can also enter, if you win it is a great gift for a lady friend.

* PLEASE like their Facebook page where they will announce the winner.

*The competition will be completely electronic and random using One lady will redeem the prize and invite 5 female friends with her. Read more

ask louiseQuestionMy husband works in Dubai, he should soon get is working Visa. I’m pregnant and still in England, after I give birth in the UK, we are planning to go to Dubai and all be together. What do I need to do? Do I let my husband work take care of everything or is it my responsibility? Do you know anything about the health-care in Dubai, as my baby will only be about a month a two I will need to keep up with the vaccinations, its free in the UK, is it still free in Dubai? Read more

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