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ask louiseQuestionWe are a British family currently living in the UK, we have 2 children 3 & 4 and my primary concern before we choose where to live in Dubai is their education. I have being researching the schools and am aware some are not even worth applying to due to waiting lists. We want UK curriculum and are getting very mixed feedback, we have had some school tours and they are all impressive in different ways. We then are being told conflicting information on whether to stick to private or non profit schools. Any advice at all is truly appreciated. Read more

ask louiseQuestionHi Louise, We are moving from Ontario, Canada to Mirdiff, Dubai in the near future.
My main concern is my son who is 16 years old is going into grade 11.  How do we go about finding him a school?  I would like a school close to Mirdiff.  Hoping school mates would be living near us as well.  Friends at this age is important.  His career goals at this moment are: Culinary/Hospitality, Police, Carpenter (he has quite the range).  He is also a defenceman for football, rugby and hocky player. (mind you he can’t do sports until March 2015 as he just went through an ACL replacement).
He’s had a rough year with friends. His friends have been on drugs and therefore he hasn’t had any friends for about a year due to this. He is against drugs and finds it extremely frustrating when he hangs out with them.  As a parent, I’m hoping this change will bring him to meet good friends.  Once I get him settled in a good school and he starts making friends I will be one happy mom. Read more

new-schools-in-dubaiThe thought of moving to a new country, finding  a home, scrambling for school places and making friends can be very daunting for even the most seasoned expat.  If you are moving to Dubai with children Expat Echo Dubai has always recommended you secure school places for your children before handing over a hefty deposit on a home but sometimes this just isn’t possible so the question many families have is where is a good place to live that has a good choice of schools in the area?

In the past few years (and months) billboards have been appearing in many areas of Dubai advertising new schools which are opening up.  This summer will see  new schools in areas such as Motor City, The Villa, Al Barsha, Al Quoz and Nad al Sheba.  This will mean that anyone opting to live in areas such as “New Dubai”  will have a good choice of schools to choose from as long your child is between 3 and 12 years of age.  For older children the choice is still limited.  Even though  many of these new schools are advertising schooling up to Year 13 many will initially be opening up only their primary sections and they will grow the schools year by year as the children move through the years. Read more

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