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Tickets bought, hotel booked, dog stay at the kennel arranged and suitcases packed (nearly!). If only life were that simple when leaving Dubai for your summer holidays.

Most expats in Dubai take longer than the normal two weeks for their summer vacation, with a few lucky ones being away for a couple of months, so additional items need to be added to the final check list to ensure you don’t arrive back to a disaster. Expat Echo Dubai have listed a few items below that really ought to be on your holiday check list when preparing to shut up the house and escape the summer heat. Read more

What plans do you have for the long weekend?  At this time of year outdoor activities in Dubai become harder with temperatures hitting the mid 40’s with high humidity.  However, a trip to Al Ain maybe just the answer as this ‘Oasis City’ offers a drier climate making it a welcome retreat from the coastal humidity of the larger cities. Read more

New Hijri Year holiday

Both private and public sector employees are expected to have a day off on November 15 on the occasion of New Hijri Year.

Similarly, employees in the UAE can usher in the New Year with a holiday on January 1, 2013.

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources are yet to issue the official holiday schedules for government sector and federal ministries, while the Ministry of Labour will issue holiday schedules for the private sector.

National Day weekend

Meanwhile, on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the UAE National Day on Read more

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