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Afternoon-tea-at-JZS-300x300There’s something pretty special about an afternoon or high tea experience as it’s often referred to. Whenever I travel to cities with a colonial history I always find myself searching out afternoon tea. Must be the Brit half of me. My favourite to date has to be The Peninsula in Hong Kong where I queued for two hours on my birthday a few years ago (only walk-ins were allowed), which happened to coincide with Easter Sunday. I never queue, don’t believe in it – that’s the Cypriot and I guess diva half of moi. And all, just so I could partake in my obsession with this decadent tea feast. By the time I was seated at around 6ish, it was only fair that Mr Laurent Perrier should also join me. A close second is the Mount Nelson in Cape Town with its intimate buffet spread of sweet and savoury delights and quaint garden seating. To quote Henry James, an American-born writer and Anglophile from the 19th century, “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” Read more

We’ve seen a whole host of Michelin star chefs descend on the UAE in the last few months – all for lunches and dinners. However we now have our first Michelin-starred afternoon tea in Dubai and all thanks goes to media darling Gary Rhodes. One can now partake in the quintessential British ritual at Rhodes in Residence in Grosvenor House’s Tower Two.

The invention of the afternoon tea dates back to the 1840′s and is widely credited to one of Queen Victoria’s ladies-in-waiting, Anna Maria Stanhope 7th, the Duchess of Bedford, to appease her mid-afternoon hunger pans between lunch and dinner especially in the summer when dinner was served later around 9ish. Read more

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