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cost of living 2015Are you moving to Dubai and wondering about the cost of living? If so then take a look at an interesting site which compares many different aspects of life in Dubai. If you’re already living in Dubai take a look and if you feel its incorrect you can edit it to give a truer reflection of costs in Dubai. Read more

Image_ 01Take a look at this interesting article by Ruth Mendez. Ruth is a working mom of twin girls who works as a Community Manager for, the leading after school activity planning platform for kids and moms in Dubai.

A Snapshot of family expenses. In the latest survey done by the Statistics Centre in Abu Dhabi, there were 8,000 households that served as respondents for their efforts know the average income and expenditure of each household in UAE. Abu Dhabi is home to 55% of the total population of UAE and therefore, it’s a great location to understand and reflect the majority of the Emirati and Expat lifestyle. Read more

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