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June 30 is new deadline for receipt of applications

The deadline for Dubai residents to apply for an Emirates ID card has been extended until June 30, the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) announced in a statement on Saturday. Children below the age of 15 years, on the other hand, must apply for Emirates IDs before October 1, while residents whose residency visas expire this year can apply for the ID cards when renewing their visas. Read more

Effective from 27 May, 2012. Emirates ID card will be included into Employment/Dependant residency packages in DIFC. This means that Emirates ID Card will be issued to an applicant along with other permits/cards (residence, work permit, health card etc) during the requested immigration process. This change follows the announcement made by Emirates ID Authority confirming that Emirates ID registration will be linked to the visa process in Dubai by 1 June, 2012. Read more

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