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I am working in Sharjah in an advertising company as a graphic designer. I am from India. I was hired three months before and as I am a fresher my starting salary is low. I would like to know is there any possibility to work as freelance other than my work so that I can earn some more. Does the labor law here allow me to do that if the company have no objection? Can I advertise in local newspapers without registration? Read more

Hi Louise! Good day! My husband might be working in Abu Dhabi and I would like to know if there is a job category for him to obtain a husband and father visa for me and our son? If so, what are the requirements? Finally, can we stay in Dubai if the residence visa is issued in Abu Dhabi? Thanks! Read more

There maybe a world recession on at the moment, but for anyone arriving at Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3 they probably wouldn’t believe it, as the queues to pass through Immigration stretch as long as the eye can see. Often during busy times, such as at mid-night, it can take a good hour to clear immigration which is just what you don’t need after an exhausting flight. To the left of these long and winding queues however, there is a very short queue where passengers pass with a mere swipe of a card and a scan of their fingerprint. These are the eGate Card counters. Read more

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