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l'arc-en-cielL’Arc en Ciel Centre Dubai is a French concept founded and accredited by the KHDA in March 2013.  The centre is located in Jumeirah 1 on Al Wasl Road and provides the multilingual community and businesses with languages, culture & expatriate programs as well as educational support.

This French educational concept offers 8 different language programs alonside discovery and expressive workshops covering theatre, dance, cooking, improvisation, painting, singing and dancing to name but a few.  These activities help children, teens and adults alike in their  language skills, confidence at the same time making all more culturally aware.

Additionally they also help in managing your transportation!
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ask louiseQuestionHi, lovely site and very helpful. Thank you very much.  I was rummaging around looking for adult language class (Arabic)  but don’t see any listed.  Do you know of any? Read more

speak-datingThere are more than 150 nationalities registered in Dubai speaking an impressive array of different languages. Despite this English has become the default or common language denominator for communication in Dubai which often denies us the opportunity to learn or practice other languages. Speak Dating is a free language exchange platform and was created as a community initiative to promote communication and inter-cultural exchange between Dubai residents.

The principle is very simple and based on a supply and demand concept: people who are native speakers of a specific language are put in contact with people who want to learn that language and vice versa. Speak Dating is a clever way to practice your language skills, learn about different cultures and serves as a complement to traditional language classes as it focuses on the conversation skills of the participants in foreign languages. Read more

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