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ask louiseQuestionHi Louise  How much is the average bottle of white wine if bought and you have an alcohol license ?  Thanks Read more

ask louiseQuestionWife and I arriving in Dubai Wednesday. Staying at an apartment 8 days – will purchase wine at incoming duty free but what is quickest way to get license for additional purchase. Read more

bounced-chequeTotal amount of bounced cheques in Dubai is valued at Dh33.3bn for the last three years

Dubai Police has started a campaign to create awareness about the dangers of bounced cheques.

The two-week campaign titled ‘Cheque is a loyalty tool not an insurance tool’ will use various social media channels to inform people about the perils of issuing blank cheques while availing loans.

The punishment for issuing a bounced cheque is jail, fine, as well as returning the amount, said a top Dubai Police official. Read more

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