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nol-cardNol Card is a smart card that enables you to pay for the use of various RTA transport modes in Dubai with a single card. You can use your Nol Card to travel on Dubai’s Metro, Buses, Water Buses, as well as pay for RTA’s Paid Parking and now some taxi’s.

With Nol Card, all you need to do is ‘touch & go’, which means you simply tap your card on a the card reader at the entry and exit gates of Metro and Waterbus stations; at the entrance of every RTA Bus and on all RTA parking meters. The system will then automatically deduct the correct fare from your card. It’s quick and easy to use and means you no longer need to carry cash to get around the city.

Children below 5 years can travel for free without a card.

You can purchase Nol Cards from Ticket offices located in all Metro stations and some Bus stations. Silver Cards and Red Tickets can be purchased from some Ticket Vending Read more

ask louiseQuestionI am a 51 year old single female contemplating finding a job in Dubai. I am trying to research as much as possible through the links the recruitment agency sent me.

I just wondered what the lifestyle would be like for a single female in my age group in Dubai or if it is predominantly a family oriented environment.
How easy it is to commute if you don’t have a car?

From a website I viewed at the weekend, it suggested that it is a 6 day working week, about 12 hours a day. Is that accurate?

Any info you could provide me would be gratefully received. Read more

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