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Missing CatPet’s Name or Answers To: Millie
Last Seen or Found (when and where): Springs 3 – 04Jun14
Microchip Number: N/A
Municipality Tag Number: N/A
Collar Color: N/A

Pet’s Description:
One Eyed, Blind, Ginger Cat
Healthy cat and responds to Millie
As you will understand she will be very disorientated and confused as she cannot see. She is a very friendly & loving cat after we rescued her and took her in 1.5yrs ago when we saw her at the vets after she had been hit by a car (hence why she is blind).
I believe a new Gardener or Cleaner may have left the door open and she has got out. She has never been outside of the walls of our villa but she is a Very inquisitive and confident cat and hopefully someone has spotted her.
If you have any information good or bad please contact me Read more

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