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mpac-elite-internaltional-tournamentMPAC would like to take this opportunity to invite you, your friends and family to an amazing FREE event.

Future NBA Stars will be showcasing there talent in Dubai in a historic tournament not to be missed.

The top USA High School teams will be competing against the top talents in the MENASA REGION.

It will be an electrifying environment filled with prizes and giveaways, dunk competitions and an absolutely amazing displays of sportsmanship and athleticism.

MPAC would like you, together with your friends and family, to come and enjoy the festivities.

They will be selecting people from the audience for halftime competitions and giveaways.

An amazing way to end the school year with a free event that will make history in the region!!

Though this is a FREE event, seats are limited!!
Call and reserve your seats today!!

MPAC ELITE INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT June 14th 6:00 PM at Al Shabab Club! (click for location map) Read more

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