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Last week  the media announced that the Ministry of Education & Higher Education had declared that all schools, regardless of curriculum, will have the same holidays starting from September 2012. This was welcomed news to many Dubai residents who have children at different schools however, one negative impact on this announcement will be that everyone will now be scrambling to leave and return from vacation at the same time. This will result in low availability of seats and inflated fares. Read more

Mica´s Dental Clinic takes steps to contribute to better health & well-being for Dubai residents

The background of this unique initiative is the fact that stress related illnesses has increased to alarming levels among the residents in the UAE. Too many residents suffer from high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The aim of this initiative is to make a difference by offering a platform for support and networking in an inspirational environment. It is well-known that supportive relationships have an amazingly positive impact on personal health and well-being. It´s also well-known that a good laugh and optimism can relieve stress and bring health benefits of its own – where a simple smile can reduce the tension. Read more

Emirates Post have announced plans for a new postal service called “My Home Service”  which will allow residents living in villas anywhere in Dubai or Abu Dhabi to have mail delivered and collected right from their door.  This will eliminate the need to make what is a long trek for many residents to their designated PO Box to check if there is any mail only to be disappointed to find out all they have is bills! Read more

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