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I am very unsure so I kindly ask you which nursery you would like to recommend. We have an offer from:

Raffles Nursery
Children┬┤s Oasis
Cocoon Nursery
Rising Stars Nursery
Inspire Children Nursery
Seashells Nursery

Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of these Nursery┬┤s? Read more

Ask my teenage daughter what school she has liked best she will always answer nursery. This was a time in her life and in fact my life when we made life long friends with a special bond.

Early Years education is as important to a child’s development as primary and secondary so choosing the right nursery is something that should be considered carefully. When checking out prospective nurseries you often see the word Montessori. I have often wondered what a Montessori nursery is so this week I visited one here in Dubai. Read more

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