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Is your little one is finally ready to start nursery school?

Don’t fret, there are plenty of wonderful nursery schools available in Dubai to help you with this new transition in childhood. Expat Echo Dubai has compiled a list to help you on your way! Read more

We have recently arrived in Dubai and we are planning to enroll our son (2 years and 7 months) in kindergarten. I would really appreciate if you could suggest some kindergartens near The Greens as we are living there. Read more

“Children grow up so quick” – how many times have you heard that being said? When you were a child, you felt you would be a child forever and it is only when you become a parent yourself, you realize that phrase is so true. One minute your baby was barely able to hold it’s head up and next thing you know, you are being told to register them for nursery. Read more

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