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The phone rang, “Can you answer that?” said Nausheen, who was driving. The screen flashed Obaid the farmer. After a rendezvous in a shopping centre car park we were soon following a pick-up truck, at speed, along a series of highways, out in to the desert. “What do you want to see?” Obaid had said, “I have seven farms.” He was prepared to show us them all but we only had a morning free so opted for the nearest one.

Locally grown, organic vegetables wasn’t a phrase I had heard in Dubai prior to April 2010, then Nazwa opened and there was the first farmer’s market organised by Baker & Spice. Read more

We all know and love the culinary delights of Dubai. By day and by night there’s a cornucopia of international dishes available at the push of a button. Literally. Absolutely any thing one could desire in the way of restaurant, bistro or take away food. We are busy people. We live in a fast paced society and expect what we want when we want it, don’t we? We’ve slipped into a way of life that is too busy and very 24/7. Not so. When it comes to home cooking and feeding your ever hungry families, you are probably Read more

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