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Moving from one place to another, with all your household items can be a highly demanding task. Look around your home. There are so many things to pack, from small items like dishes and books, to large pieces of furniture. And furthermore, it is not only the packing that would take so much time and hard work, but unpacking at your destination as well. Read more

woman-moving-abroadIn the days before a move abroad, it’s likely that your house will be a mass of boxes; you’ll be busy trying to arrange last minute details and saying goodbye to friends and family. You’ll feel excited but also a bit nervous – perhaps you’ll even question whether you’re making the right decision.

It is absolutely normal to feel a bit odd before moving to a new country and having second thoughts definitely is not unusual – especially when you’re swapping continents. The good news is that you’re not alone! Many people who are already living abroad will have experienced the ‘expat blues’ at some point. The language, religion and culture will be all new and may feel strange, not to mention the food and the smells on the streets. Read more

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