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The long summer holidays are just around the corner and many of you may be starting to investigate holiday options and flight prices to visit your loved ones¬† but don’t forget about the pets.¬† With so many expats heading off at this time of year it maybe hard to find a friend to look after your pooch so contact the Kennels & Catteries quickly as space is always at a premium over any holiday season.

To make this task a bit easier for you Expat Echo have put together a list of the Kennels & Catteries in Dubai. Read more

Pets are allowed in the UAE. However, as you are making the decision to transport your pet please consider the summer temperatures in Dubai, as they are often too high for pets to spend much time outdoors. Pets must be shipped to the UAE as cargo which can be expensive.

Click here for full requirements Read more

My husband has secured a job in Dubai from the USA and I want to know if we can bring our two dogs? Is there a quarantine period? Read more

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