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ask louiseQuestionI am looking at travelling to Singapore for 2 months and then returning back to Dubai – it is a temp work project in Singapore. I have my residence in Dubai and thinking of taking my 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier with me. Would you be able to help with the relocation and know how we can have him in the minimum possible number of days in quarantine in Singapore (given that I am only going to stay there for 2 months)? Read more

pet-cagesAs a follow up from our article ‘The Real Costs of Owning a Pet’, we wanted to help answer the question: “Well how much will it cost me to take my pet back to my country?”

The truth is, it’s dependent on a whole lot of factors and owners should get an exact quote for their pet. If you are looking to adopt a cat or dog, it never hurts to pick up the phone and have a chat with a pet relocation company to get a guideline on price and requirements for the animal, should you return home.

But that doesn’t answer the question.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide details on the cost of every animal, of every weight/size, to every country. However, to provide a ‘ball park figure’ to those relocating with a pet, we decided to create an ‘Example Family’ and we contacted Move One Pet Transportation & Services to get some figures. Read more

dog-trainingDoes your dog need to learn to behave a bit better?

Charlie is one of the friendliest dogs in the neighborhood! He loves people and children; however, his owner Tom was shocked and embarrassed when Charlie suddenly snapped at a friend who offered him a treat.

“Charlie was snuggled in his favorite corner when my friend approached him. He appeared very relaxed. In fact, he yawned and wagged his tail! Did I miss something?”

In our human world, canine communication is often lost in translation. Tom was unable to recognize important “calming signals” communicated by his dog’s need for “space”.

In Cloud9‘s upcoming seminar, “What Dogs Tell Us – Reading Calming Signals” our certified dog obedience trainer and behaviour consultant Dalya Eason will teach you how dogs communicate through body language. Read more

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