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The summer holidays have just about started and if you are not planning to travel to a cooler climate, you will be looking for ways to entertain the children – at the same time, trying your best to avoid the soaring summer heat.

 How to survive the summer with a toddler.  Expat Echo Dubai has come up with a few ideas… Read more

Apple Seeds in Our City

I am always excited to find out about the opening of a new playground and activities for children in Dubai. Indoor options for soft play areas during the hot summer months and the many sandstorms are so valuable.

If you wonder where to take the kids for a play and to try out various activities like art, music, science, gym, cooking, singing and so much more. You will be happy to hear about Apple Seeds Dubai. This play space located in the Gold and Diamond Park opened up last week. The original Read more

As the end of term fast approaches many expats in Dubai are planning farewell parties for all the great friends they have met during their time in Dubai.

Farewells are equally hard for children as they are for adults, so a party is a great way for the younger members of your family to say goodbye to all their friends.

Over the years party venues have emerged all over town and are now not just huge ball pits located in the major shopping malls, but fun areas with slides, creative areas, dress-up corners, cafes and loads more fun filled zones. Read more

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